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  • 21.10.16 Autumn Swan

    It's actually an upside-down reflection in a pool, in case anyone's wondering....

  • Eichhörnchen

    Frühsport oder "nichts ist sicher" :-))

  • Spectre du Brocken

    Dos au soleil, l'observateur tourné vers une nappe de brume voit son ombre entourée de deux arcs-en-ciel concentriques, parfois plus.

  • the birth of venus de milo

  • Frog time..!

    The amphibian monitoring season hasn't kicked off yet, but this weekend's warm weather has the frogs out in force; 47 from a quick count - not bad for a tiny suburban pond.

  • Epicéas 3

  • 13.12.2015 African Lions

    On my way home, I stopped in the Yorkshire Wildlife Park again. Unfortunately, there was a Christmas Fair on, which created traffic jams and thousands of people who only came because of the fair and were mostly in the way... and the weather was bad as w…

  • Stratus 4

  • Staircase Hall, Byrkley Lodge, Staffordshire (Demolished)

    One of the mansions of the Bass family, brewers

  • Les " LEFFE TOT"

    En Grand en passant la souris

  • 30.6.2015 Sky

    After a really muggy sort of day, the sun came out this evening in time to set, and create some lovely light. The moon came out too, just shy of full. Between them, they illuminated these very odd cloud formations... it was strange and beautiful. Took lo…

  • NZ Moeraki Boulders, Waitaki

  • B.B. King 1925 - 2015

    the King is dead.. it´s a sad day for music
    By vfm4

  • Gooseberry fool

    Having not checked the Goosberry bushes for a couple of days, yesterday a quick check revealed a denuded section with lots of Goosberry Sawfly larvae (possibly Nematus ribesii).

  • No Swimming Today !! Loch Glass, Scottish Highlands

    I find this scene very surreal. It's the outdoor heated swimming pool which sits on the edge of Loch Glass in front of the beautiful Wyvis Lodge. Somehow it just doesn't seem to fit into the Highland Landscape.

  • Absolute Rubbish

    Waste processing at the Centre for Alternative Technology's Eco Cabins.

  • View from McCaig's Tower, Oban

  • Hide and seek champion of scotland

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