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Travelling the UAE, album created on February  5, 2008

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Ghost Town, album created on October 17, 2007

Have you ever been to a real Ghost Town? An abandoned place where people used to live a few years ago? No? Well, join these little impressions from Haidemuehl - a place sacrificed to the brown coal mining in 2006.

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MRI experience - 9 years ago

Patient's MRI experience vs. what it could have been (allthough sequences can sound different quite easily). Acutally, if someone could perform a FLAIR or EPI , please let me know! THAT would be fun! :)

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I wish you a Happy New Year and a good start into 2009

Happy New Year
9 years ago.
GiNa P.
GiNa P.
Na klappts wenigstens so rum, dass Du von Deiner Süßen ohne Ende verwöhnt wurdest/wirst?!
Alles Gute!
10 years ago.
Grüsse vom Bodensee und
Danke für Deinen Besuch !
10 years ago.
Thank you for visiting my page and...nice comments.
10 years ago.
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Thank you!
11 years ago.

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