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Updated on: June  4, 2016.
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new IPERNITY app on iOS - 3 years ago

Finally it's here ... I've uploaded some screenshot in my gallery. You can also see them at the (actual) end of my ipernity photo album

[FazerItalia] Lucania tour – 27 ottobre 2013, album created on October 28, 2013

25 items in total.

my websites, album created on September 10, 2012

Screenshots from websites I've created or manage

Berlin, 2011, album created on September  1, 2011

photos taken during our 2011 vacancies in Berlin, through 8 to 14 august

MVI 5070

more info @ - See all videos

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Dima Ŝevĉenko
Dima Ŝevĉenko
Feliĉan Novan Jaron!

Fabelaj mondoj
4 years ago.
ma che superpirata! :-D
7 years ago.
kOoLiNuS has replied to Roberto Ballerini -…
grazie Roberto !!!
7 years ago.
Roberto Ballerini - traveling
Roberto Ballerini -…
Buon compleanno Nicò!!!
7 years ago.
Thanks for your Visit
7 years ago.

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