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Updated on: January 27, 2018.

Flood Damage - Plainfield, VT, album created on July 20, 2015

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My Family and Myself, album created on August  1, 2008

Where we started out, where we've been, and who we all seem to be today... the whole odd lot of us.

Water, album created on August  1, 2008

Dancing, transmuting, wearing away stone, tossing away the transient works of humans and giving one complete freedom to float, to fish or to utterly disappear.

Pueri Concinite - Johann Ritter von Herbeck

Pueri Concinite by Johann Ritter von Herbeck for solo tenor voice, mixed choir (and originally scored for organ). This piece was first performed in the Imperial Chapel, Vienna on Christmas Day 1868. Performed here by Jean Baptiste Mauniere before… - See all videos
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Well, the grapes turned to jelly... sort of... - 9 years ago

The act of squeezing my harvest (which was increased by another large pot-full the next day) was itself squeezed into one of the busiest weeks I've had in ages. How can a simple thing like washing and squeezing grapes become an all-day project? Ah - I should know better than even ask the question. It did become an all-day project, relaxing and tedious by turns. In the end, other than a third-degree burn on one fingertip, I suffered little for the enormous value from my homemade grape... s…

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Thanks Varin - may the coming year be prosperous and healthy for you and your family. J.J.
9 years ago.
JJ Fanagh
JJ Fanagh
Bon matin, et merci pour votre comment.

Plus des images, toujours toujours... n'est ce pas? Je retour à mon Mac. JJ
9 years ago.

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