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    - February 11, 2008
    <a bref=" "><imgsrc="htpp://" width="1024"height="700" alt="gildas" border="0"/></a>     en apprentissage...

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Place of residence: Missillac, France

38 years old. Born on August 27, 1983.

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Elbertinum MjYj Le vert des rivières Roberto Ballerini - traveling Zhang Xuesong (雪松) Shi* Lea d'ipernity Manfredo Matthäus Felder Marco Dorina Andy Անդրանիկ Diego CASTELLO Nrty Nrty Hallan lilamo Zato Xiao Lin Reto Tom


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Bondeziregojn Gaelle!!! :)
8 years ago.
Saluton Gaelle! Ege ĝojan naskiĝdatrevenon! :)
9 years ago.
Saluton Gaelle, al vi mi bondeziras tre belan naskiĝdatrevenon! :)
10 years ago.
Dear Gaelle, it's very strange that you don't understand Esperanto, because I can see in your page some messages in that language: if you will learn it, you will find a wonderful world of friendship. Any way, I wish you to enjoy the " sound " of my songs and I send you best wishes for peace and all well in your life. Manuel Rovere.
10 years ago.
Kara Gaelle, feliĉegan naskiĝdatrevenon kaj bonan vivon!!!
12 years ago.

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