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Wikipedia: An API (Application Programming Interface) is used to define how a computer component can communicate with another.

What can I do with the ipernity API?

The ipernity API allows creating applications that can do whatever you see on the ipernity website and even more. For example: import content, add keywords, create an album, search in your content or those of all the members...

Ready to dig in? Visit the list of available methods or look at some applications using the API.

Is this complicated to use?

Certainly not! We did our best to make the ipernity API simple and fun to use, even if you're not an experienced programmer. Each API method corresponds to a specific function and is well documented.

Better yet, you can try every API method live. Browse the API methods list and play away!

The ipernity API is compatible with all programming languages. There are also many API Kits to get started quickly.

Also there are several groups dedicated to the API including the API users group where you will find help or the API development group where you can monitor current and future developments.