Group: " Culture Touch - Kultur erleben "


The Now Empty Sick Bed

God Has Left the House

Eine schöne Trutzburg - A beautiful fortress

Chiesa San Cataldo

Putting Down Roots

gnome - seen on the street at Wroclaw (PL)

The Computer's God

Celestial Garden of Unearthly Delights

On Death's Bed

Guten Morgen ! Schönen Sonntag !

Manufactured Sunset

In the Tropics

Empty Windows at Day's End

Inspired by Gauguin (Explored)

The Inevitable Collapse

Grecian urns

Sleepers Awake

Inspired by a tapestry

The Way of the Flesh #3

Don Bosco Sanctuary in Brasilia (pip)

Colossus in the Dust

Wohn-/Schlafzimmer (PiP)

Paris, Montmartre, Place du Tertre

We keep Giving Him Things to Scream About

2490 -2472 BC