Group: i-Central

headless in Delos / Greece

Bees in paradise

very busy


mannequin in the cage

Domenico - a good guitar man in Ostuni...

HFF & a sunny WE to all!!

Einer von vielen in einem

Autumnal Lake

My succulents beauty

Autumn Leaves


wish you a pleasant WE full of music!!

Der Kreis schließt sich

Happy weekend everyone ;-)

HFF to all!! (seen in Matera)

some days is not easy to keep in balance (art of p…

züchtiges Bad im Bach

Locorotondo / Puglia

Police car (vintage).

art of paper-mache' in Lecce

H.A.N.W.E. - in Jochberg (Austria)

H.A.N.W.E - in the Alps

H.F.F. - How The Time Flies . . .

HFF - Matera - City of Stones