Group: Peintures murales

Half face on the corner.

Wall mural

Mural mit Kopf - Alfama

Mural of stork and flamingos.

Stork in mural.

Rice harvest on Sado riversides.

Salt pits workers.

Workers of Alcácer do Sal.

Laundry scene.

Mural of River Sado and the 1945 draw bridge.

Alcácer do Sal and River Sado in mural.

Work on rice field.

Stork in mural.

Wall painting.

El constructor de barquitos - HWW



Die Mäuse oder sind es Die Ratten?

Ritter Apotheke

Trompe l'œil mural.

Mural issued from collage of posters.

Mural painting.

Bulgaria, Painting on the Wall of the Rozhen Monas…

Mural painting.

Mural painting.

Bulgaria, Painting above Entrance Arch to the Rozh…