Group: Peintures murales

He's gone...

1 (2)...austria vienna graben...door with gr…

auf dem 'Kloster Fahr Weg' entlang der Limmat -…

LOUYZ , artiste muraliste

A picture is a poem without words

Équitation sur façade / Passeggiate a cavallo sull…

What a big ray!

Painted walled door.

Commercial street art.

Commercial street art.

Oggetti appesi : un quadro campestre firmato appes…

Mural paintings.

Mural painting, by Nar.

Intervention on wall of former canned fish factory…

Commercial street art, by Skran.

Wall painting.

Street art by Pitanga and Mojojojo.

Octopus meal.

Zeppelin and lettering infected with covid-19.

Detail of the previous photo.

The curse of the pharaohs.

Lettering infected with covid-19.

Lettering infected with covid-19.

Colors speak louder than words

La savane africaine

Street art by Mojojojo.