Group: River crossings and embankments

Mundenia, die Schauende

Christmas lights on Sado riverside.

Drawbridge for road traffic (1945).

HFF von Hann. Münden

Drawbridge (1945) for road traffic.

Pedestrian bridge over River Sado.

Carcavelos Beach

Oeiras Marine

HFF from Shrewsbury

Praia da Torre

Lourdement chargée

HFF happy week-end my friends

"MS Willi Ostermann"

HFF - happy week-end my friends

Real River - 1

Downstream view to River Tâmega and pedestrian bri…

River Tâmega and Trajan Bridge (1st Century).

Weir and pedestrian bridge on River Tâmega.

HFF à tous et Joyeux Noël à suivre

A view upstream River Minho.

Fishing boat return

ScI[23] - Kincardine Bridge {3 of 3}

Lisbon, the Tagus, the MAAT (*), Mrs Vasconcelos "…

Ballade d'automne.( Pont de Bohardy).

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