Group: Flores y Naturaleza

Oeillet, Jardin botanique de La Jaÿsinia, Samoëns…

Première colchique d'automne, Colchicum autumnale,…

Lis orangé au jardin, Lilium bulbiferum, Liliacées

beauty in the dark

Ail des ours, Sixt-Fer à cheval (Haute-Savoie)

allover white

hope to see them soon

along a street (1PiP)

charm of spring

good morning spring

golden beauty

not perfect but beautiful

spring not so far

summertime in my little garden

attractive pink

old wooden fence

take leave of summer

in der Abendsonne

I am missing them

Begonia in white

this morning in my garden

Etwas Farbe fuer graue Tage