Group: Lago di Garda

Il Sorriso -- HFF!

Boat Bench in a Bench Boat (HBM!)

Felice San Felice! (This is not a park street!)

Something for everybody: Benches, Fences, Walls, .…

ai miei pensieri…


„Hochhaus“ mit Durchblick - HWW!

Boat - Buoys - Bench

Luftbrücken / Air Bridges

Nocturne - HFF (PiP)

Wednesday's Wonder Wall - HWW!

Desenzano Colors

Desenzano - Porto Vecchio

Desenzano Shop

Vita e bella ... HBM! (PiP)

Hippo Fence Friday

War Walls of the Past - HWW!

Fall Shadows Falling

Blue again ...

brain wash line - HWW!

Wall Street - HWW!

Kamelie. ©UdoSm

A Wall on Wednesday: WOW - we need more color!

HWW (Wednesday's Wall): The Entrance!

Ants at the aphid buffet. ©UdoSm

Blue ... (HBM)

For World Photography Day 2021