Group: Street Furniture

Old cannon.

Ancient Town Hall.

Mother Church of Our Lady of Piedade.

Bench painted with historic theme.

Crotch Crescent

floral post box

well punctuated street sign

Victorian Penfold pillar box

Schwein gehabt? ... Happy Bench Monday!

Bankskulptur ... Happy Bench Monday!

latticed pavement blocks

old Penfold at Park Town

lamp in autumn

Waiting for human company (before the pandemic).

IMG 6564-001-K6 Phone Box 1

Raucherkultur ... HFF!

IMG 7153-001-Ventilation Planter

IMG 6426-001-Highgate Hill Drinking Fountain

IMG 6423-001-Parish Boundary Markers

IMG 6777-001-Twisted Pillar Box

Schwerin, Rotkehlchen

The Three Horseshoes

Gut zu wissen!

Erfurt, Fischmarkt mit Römersäule und Haus "Zum Br…

Phone home