Group: Towers

Keep (last half 0f 13th century).

Belfry of Lamego Cathedral.

Beja Castle (13th century).

Keep of Beja Castle (13th century).

Stadtkirche Stutensee-Blankenloch

Holy Mary Church.

Saint Amaro Church.

Alter Glockenturm

la torre


Rhu and Shandon Parish Church

Rhu and Shandon Parish Church, Rhu near Helensburg…

Swiss Courtyard in the Ducal Palace.

Clock Tower (13th century).

Clock Tower (13th century).

Guinigi Tower (1600).

Borghi Doorway.

Saint Peter Somaldi Church.

Saint Fredian Church (12th century).

Former Saint Roman Church.

Tower of Saint Michael Church.

Lucca Cathedral (Saint Martin Church).

Church of Our Lady of Health.

Clydebank Town Hall

School Wynd, Paisley

St Andrews Town Hall

Tower and cathedral.