Group: Alba ✯ Éire ✯ Mannin ✯ Cymru ✯ Kernow ✯ Breizh

From Bosigran Head, into the sun.

Perfection in every drop

HFF from Sidmouth


I know I'm back in Spain but I just can't help mys…

Granite scenery - Bosigran Head

Rhododendron, for Keith, in answer to his question…

Mum's azalea again

Rhododendron, Mum's garden

From Redruth station platform

Another stile on 'my' path to the pub!

HANWE everyone!

HFF everyone!

Carn Galva

Azalea now at it's peak.

From 'my' path again

Another from 'my' path to the pub.

Spot the climber

I think it's blackthorn, but hawthorn is a possibi…

HANWE everyone! Cornish granite

HFF everyone!

Blackthorn blossom and sunset.

Bosigran Head, Cornwall

Coats back on.

Moon, Mars, and St Day marketplace clocktower.