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the Pope's prayer

cleaning the Tsar (Irkutsk/Siberia)

HFF from the country side (Ile of Olchon/ Siberia)

the fish god on the wall (Huzhir/Siberia)

HFF to all! (seen on the Baikal Sea/Siberia)

HFF from a Baikal Yurt!

playing the Bandura (Elena Vyatkina plays - Listwi…

La Place Rouge de Moscou

HFF & a great WE to all!!

HFF and a great WE!! (Moskow)

St Basil´s Cathedral (Moscow)

a sunny HFF to all!

HFF and a great WE to all!! (Siberian Souvenir/ U…

HFF to all!! (Kazan Cathedral Moscow)

wooden house (Irkutsk - Siberia)

russian art (seen in St.Petersburg)

tourists on the Red Square in Moskow

Black dog

Viewpoint fence

After the rain

Moscow river sunset

Cloudy sunset

Blue hour in the city

Walking in the cage

Walking by the river

Last snow, I hope