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Time For Change ... New Administrator Wanted!

By autofantasia club
October 31, 2017 - 6 comments - 126 visits- Permalink

Hi Folks

When I came here as a flickr refugee back in 2013 this group was already in existence and doing pretty well it has to be said.

However, the chap that was running it at that time had decided to leave ipernity and asked if I, as a fellow petrol-head, would mind taking over as administrator - something I was happy enough to do and since then I've tried to encourage as many more people to join and participate in it as possible.

Today, the group has over 40 members and contains nearly 3,000 images of classic cars from around the world.

Nothing lasts forever though, which is why I've decided it's time to hand over the baton to someone else, that's assuming there's someone out there willing to look after Classic Cars International once I've vacated the administrator's post?

I did think about just closing the group, but that would be such a shame given the support it has attracted over the years and a betrayal of sorts to all those people I've encouraged to join or invited to submit specific images.

I also thought about just leaving the group and letting ipernity appoint a new administrator, but there seems little logic to how that process works and it could well see the group being passed on to someone who isn't even active on the site anymore.

So, I'm putting it out there and offering it up. Ideally, I'd like the new administrator to have a real interest in classic cars of all types and be up for the challenge of taking the group forward, but really all that matters is a willingness to keep the group alive.

I intend to keep the offer on the table so to speak until the end of November. If there are no applicants by then though I'm sorry, but I will be closing this group as I don't want to see it passed on to someone who is no longer involved with ipernity thus leaving the group open to become a dumping ground for all sorts of inappropriate submissions.

Hopefully, it won't come to that and one of you kind people out there will be willing to take over ... time will tell I guess.

In the meantime, I'd just like to thank everyone who has supported the group over the last few years - it's been a pleasure to view your photographs.

Kind regards


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 Ian Tamp
Ian Tamp
I must admit i thought you would have had some response to take this group over, as you haven't so far, I would be happy to take it over rather than let it go to ruin
2 years ago.
autofantasia club has replied to Ian Tamp
Many thanks for the offer Ian, which is much appreciated especially given nobody else has shown an interest.

My only concern with yourself is that I see you only have a free account which I believe they will be doing away with and obviously that could see the group once again being left without an administrator.

I don't suppose you have any plans to take out a subscription?
2 years ago.
 Ian Tamp
Ian Tamp
this time last year they were telling us it was all going to close 12 months later still up and running IP do say a lot of things half of which never happen I that does happen I poss would consider taking out a subscription but only consider
2 years ago.
autofantasia club has replied to Ian Tamp
Thanks for the clarification Ian. I'll leave your offer on the table for now if that's okay as ideally I would like to see a Club member take things over so as to hopefully avoid another change of administrator in the near future.

However, if nobody else volunteers by the end of the month then I will hand it over to you as the only person kind enough to step forward.

I hope that's okay Ian and that my stance hasn't offended you in any way ... it' just that I want to try and secure the future of the group going forward! :)
2 years ago.
 S Drury
S Drury club
Hello Paul once again if no one else comes forward i can help out if required

Best wishes ... Steve
2 years ago.
autofantasia club has replied to S Drury club
Much appreciated Steve and so as to hopefully avoid another change of administrator in the near future I've decided to hand things over to you as opposed to Ian, what with you having Club membership and all.

So, it's over to you my friend and a big thank you to Ian for his earlier kind offer!
2 years ago.

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