Group: Farms around the world

Cows In A Farm Valley.

Nearing Whakamaru

Curious Cow.

Canola Harvest 2021

Alberta Field at Harvest Time

Harvest in Alberta

Harvesting Corn in the 1940s

Far Away Across Hills.

Hills Upon Hills.

Exiting A Farm

Long Shadow

Sheep And Lambs

Lonely Farm.

Mail Here, Please.

Beim Lechner-Hof / At Lechner's farm

Home In The Hills

Seebachtal, Blick über das (View across) Hintereck

Seebachtal, Weyer

Seebachtal, Weyer

Place Of Shelter.

After The Rain.

Farm stream.

Steirisches Bauernhaus / Styrian farmhouse

House Below Hill

The Farmer is the Man