Group: Urban Decay et Décrépitudes Urbaines

Ehemaliger Fliegerhorst Schönwalde

Statue of Cigarrón.

Reproduction of Banksy's work.

Street of Lemesos (Limassol), Cyprus

Penedos, Blue rope on backdoor life

HFF to all!!

Salle d'attente

HWW !!!

Burnt Out Bin


little rose

wild green climbing the steps

Frühling in Berlin

last chance

Among The Burnt Embers

Feeling Cold?....Fear Not Spring Is On The Way!!!

Riverside Portrait 2

Welcome to Broken Hall Central Railway Station

Acácio de Paiva House.

Street art.

Thessaloniki Blues 2

Thessaloniki Blues 6

Thessaloniki Blues 4

DSC01679 (2)