Group: Urban Decay et Décrépitudes Urbaines

Rusty Crusty

One Of Three

The Aftermath

Things You See On Walls.....If You're Really Lucky…

is punk dead? (pip)

Just A Wreck Now....How About You ?

Just Lying Around At The Little Boatyard

Rusty At The Boatyard


Abandoned Cable Reels

What Was Once A Shipyard

Blue And Rust. The Perfect Match

Landhaus Zeddenick

Auf der Suche nach der Straußenfarm

Cuban towels

Street art by Rosarlette.

Wall painting by Gonçalo Mar.

Mural by Pitanga.

Street art on abandoned building.

Lost Place. Rot bestuhlt.

Street art on wall of abandoned building.

DSC06644 (4)

A Boat. Light, Ripples, Rust And Rot

Crusty Stuff