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un'altra meillandina

Blossom In Our Garden

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1 (24)...austria ..autumn

Largemouth Bass, Summer, 2021

Erba medica - Medicago sativa

acquarellando l'autunno

It's A Green World!

dall'altra parte del mondo ...

I'll be very slow ;-)

1 (57)..austria ..analog..scan...sunrise, evening

"Bambi Surreal"

Bluebells At Lake Moananui

Damigella francese ;-)

3 (17)...austria flower with insects

1 (47)...austria ...tree

1 (53) lake with old tree

Cows In A Farm Valley.

HFF Llama.


Mute swans.

Beautiful Bush

1 (23) leaf on street ...herbst autumn

Lovely Lillies