Group: Cats in Odd Positions

A Good Lie Down,

bwc - Stress ? who, me ?

Quite Comfortable In Shopping Bags.

Kitty In A Plastic Bowl.

Resting Place.

Kitty In A Bag.

Cat In A Bag.

Honey Blocking My View.

Eyeing The Camera.

Eh oui , le moustachu , on confine......

Kitty Cuteness

Funny, Little Honey.

Bonjour, t'es qui toi ?

This Is Love

Golden Slumber

Let Me Introduce You To Carly, James, Carole, Bob,…

Kiki schläft ...

Kitty In a Box.


Puss Says It's Hers!

Lendemain de fête ...

Honey Soundly Sleeping.

Kitty In Blossom