Group: Kent

Squirrel (trying to avoid me)

Ramsgate Harbour

Elmstone Church

Pegwell Bay Hotel. (Overlooks the sea)

St Augustine's Church Northbourne.

Sandwich Course Fishing Lakes

St John the Baptist Church Barham

Brockhill Country Park

Passion in the Rain?

Wot's down there??

John H Amos paddle tug Chatham - 25.8.2006

The Woodman Otford, Kent 25 9 2021

Otford Railway Station 25 9 2021

The Church of Saint Bartholomew - Otford - Kent -…

West Bay cafe, Westgate-on-Sea.

Patriotic luggage - Tenterden - 21.7.2006

Upnor village - near Chatham - 25.8.2006

Pump House no.5 - Chatham - 25.8.2006

Pitts Special

View from Dover Castle

English Electric Lightning F.6, XR770

Tyrannosaurus Rust!