Group: Sea and Ocean

May Romance

Cruising Past the EB Buoy

Ethan B (says HFF) ...

Madeira - the old road R 101

Boat at the End of the Tunnel

Un beau vieux !


At Whakatane Wharf,

Ahoskie and Capt. MacIntyre

Reflections of an Ocean Warrior

Berths 4, 5, and 6 -- Eastport Workboats

Have a seat

Overlooking Tairua Beach

HFF & a sunny WE to all !! (shot in Trieste)

Sitting on the Dock of the Bay

The Bold Coast

Iconic View

Bold Surf

Blowhole on the Bold Coast

At Tairua On The Coromandel.


Du bleu, du vent et des vagues.

Massive Headland

Cloudy Reflection

Cold Misty Valley

Pourquoi s' habillent-ils, tous en rouge ?