Group: Flowers of the Wild

Potted Weeds

Heather on the Hill

Blossoming at 3,000 m

Just Daisies and Dead Leaves.

Bumble bee in Purple...

Between the Dots...

Death In A Dandelion.

Nature Reserve 'Hohe Tauern' (2)

l'umiltà degli spontanei

Hedge Blindweed Morning Glories, Lovely Flowers an…

HFF with a Pretty Pink Clover!

la stagione degli amori

Today three Oldies, but I Love them all... 2

Little Eurasian Coot Chicks

Pieris rapae

Close-up Flax...

Flax against the blue Sky...

Mr. Roebuck was eating from the Buckwheat...

Butterfly on dandelion

Mullein. Verbascum thapsus

Have A Nice Weekend - with Geum Reptans

Apollo Butterfly

Storia di una Pansé

Barlia Robertiana

Walking between the Poppies and Camomile...