Group: Vintage Paperbacks

Richard Telfair - The Slavers

Milton K. Ozaki - Inquest

Andrew Offutt - Operation: Super MS.

Richard S. Prather - Lie Down, Killer

Day Keene - Sleep with the Devil

Charles Einstein - The Bloody Spur

Charles Einstein - The Day New York Went Dry

Joseph Shallit - Case of the Billion Dollar Body

Leslie Edgley - Tracked Down

Martin L. Weiss - Death Hitches a Ride

John Bingham - Murder Off the Record

Bloodhound Detective Story Magazine # 2

Elmore Leonard - The Big Bounce

Elliott Chaze - The Stainless Steel Kimono

Ovid Demaris - Ride the Gold Mare

Gil Brewer - Satan Is a Woman

Robert Bloch - Terror in the Night

Robert Bloch - Shooting Star

Henry Kuttner and C.L. Moore - No Boundaries

Lewis Padgett - Tomorrow and Tomorrow

Arthur Kent - Red Red Red

Hilary Brand - Black Summer Day

Alan Hynd - Brutes, Beast and Human Fiends

John Bartlow Martin - Butcher's Dozen

Charles Boswell and Lewis Thompson - The Girls in…

Ed Lacy - Enter Without Desire

John Faulkner - Uncle Good's Week-End Party