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IMG 8934. La nouvelle orchidée de ma fille

Center of an orchid... ©UdoSm

Orchid and Crystal ball. ©UdoSm

The second blossom opens... ©UdoSm

Icy beauty... ©UdoSm

Orchids... ©UdoSm

Yellow Orchid by My Angel Joni (Explored)

Orchis globuleux = Traunsteinera globosa, Orchidée…

Néottie nid-d'oiseau = Neottia nidus-avis, Orchidé…

Orchis verdâtre = Platanthera chloranta, Orchidées…

Dactylorhize tacheté = Dactylorhiza maculata, Samo…

"Surf Song" (Explored)

famigliola di Barlie

Ophrys bourdon = Ophrys fuciflora, Orchidacées (Ar…

Gwiazda wystawy

Orchis sauvage...Barleria ( Himantoglossum roberti…

Arundina graminifolia orchidée sauvage du Kilauea

Backlit Pink

Garden Closeup (Explored)

Pink Orchid-3 ©UdoSm

Pink Orchid-2 ©UdoSm

Orchid Closeup at the Garden (Explored)

IMG 4428-Quelques orchidées

x the lovers of wild orchids