Group: Music and Photography

Huron Ridge, jamming

Willie Carter & Chip Cope

Huron Ridge again

Chris Dawson & Hampton Cope

Chip Cope

Willie Carter

Steve Thomas

Chris Wade

Jason Owen

Josh Matheny

Jason Owen, Evan Winsor, Steve Thomas

Steve Thomas & the Time Machine also appeared

Here's Dave

Joey Shann

Bobby Davis

Will Clark

The Dave Adkins Band performed

The Venue Wasn't Crowded

Play it once, Sam .... :-)))

Fußgruppen 5

Fête vintage au port du Bec.

'Random' rocking - Seaford Bike Fest 2011

A Cornopean, Horniman Museum 23 12 2006

A euphonium and other instruments Hornimans 23 12…

A saxaphone and other instruments Hornimans 23 12…

Brass instruments 2 Hornimans 28 10 2014