Group: Buildings & Evening Blue Hour

Sit Down and Pray (1) HBM---Kraudorf

Quartier Millénium d'Oran.

St Marys.

St Mary's

Cultura Nova--Iba

It grows under old trees

New city buildings

The Humber Bridge

(Hbm) Doc Morris pharmacy


Oleftalsperre 1981 -59m hoog Hellenthal

The Small village Altenahr

How it wass in 2016,Ahrweiler-Bad Neuenahr

Castle Night 15/8/2013

Lilac blue entrance

Brand New City Office Heerlen

a Roman in love----Enlarge Please---

Bon Dimanche.

The Girl and the fountain

Un si joli couple / A so nice pair...

The realms of the earth

(Hbm)-Isenbruch- Westernmost place of Germany(Chap…

Hotel where i stayed in 2016


Captain Cook

Minaret de la grande mosquée d'Oran. HBM.