Group: Prachtige Wolken Beauty Clouds

Hff Cold as ice

Das Kreuz über dem Kreuz

Crematorium Walpot

There goes the Sun

Start Botterwedstrijd Elburg sept. 2018... + 2x Pi…

EB 32 (= Elburg 32)...

Beuvron en Auge !

Magical Hamburg

Volldampf voraus!

above the city

Nach kalter Nacht

Big Hotel (Piet Haan)and café restaurant

508 steps high-NL longest stair 228m

We want rain

Painted Sky

My Favorite Tree on a foggy colouring Day...

East Sands - St. Andrews

Harvesting at Sunset

Spätsommer - Late summer

Seconds last

Heathwave sunset-the goodbye

Big Red Tagetus Sunset this evening

One hour ago with 34 degrees (19h)

Despite threatening clouds