Group: " - A group without any "PIP's - "


Perù -sulla Panamericana

Perù -Valle del Colca

a bench from Tomar

the empty ashtray

They are ready to go to the mountains

night beer

The greater the age, the greater the wisdom

HFF to all!

Traces of the 1755 earthquake

a fence from Lisbon

*LEAD A HEALTHIER LIFE*~~ Advice in the dustbin..

foot pain? (seen in Chicago)

CASTELSARDO - Castello dei Doria

Royal Stone

ALGHERO / Sardegna- chiesa San Michele

hanging objects

Tempio Pausania and his colorful summer street

The Feminine World of Shoes

Leixōes: Portos Kreuzfahrtterminal

above the clouds

Different Styles

rose jaune irisée

Giant Fairies


sunset on the beach (Badesi / Sardegna)

Die Schönheit der einfachen Dinge