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Moulin Redounel...

Turning Rose as a Father's Day Cure... ©UdoSm

AbuDhabi : Ethiad Towers view by Marina Mall

it was raining yesterday

AbuDhabi : io, il dromedario, il beduino e, al ce…

AbuDhabi : fino a pochi anni fa qui si viveva così…

La Cité de CARCASSONNE, Basilique Saint Nazaire, A…

the inner face of a roof

Naxos/Kykladen - Die Portara


MM Symmetrie

First roses in May.

golden decoration

AbuDhabi : il bruciatore di incenso è simbolo dell…

AbuDhabi : "al Ittihad" o piazza del cannone - il…

AbuDhabi : luci ed ombre del mattino sul piazzale…

✿ஜღ✿ Flowers for the mothers... ✿ஜღ✿ ©UdoSm

power for Andy!

a sweet break in Hoi An/Vietnam

Solitaire Lodge (Namib Desert / Namibia)

HFF & a sunny WE!!


See you later Venice... ©UdoSm

abandoned Lipton

Naxos/Kykladen: Apano Castro