Group: landschappen van de wereld


La Sierra de La Cabrera

Poppy field

Poppy field and the hill of Valderrey

Another day another storm!

Poppy field!

La Sierra de La Cabrera - HANWE everyone!

Everywhere was stonecrop underfoot

Storm cloud.

From Bosigran Head, into the sun.

La Sierra de La Cabrera. I recall it as a perishin…

Las Agujas de Cancho Gordo

I know I'm back in Spain but I just can't help mys…

Eskmeals reflections

Poppy field, Algete

Karst landscape near Thakhek Laos

Not yet. But a promise of good things to come!

Back in Spain!

Carn Galva

Around Kleine Scheidegg_Switzerland

From 'my' path again

Spot the climber

I think it's blackthorn, but hawthorn is a possibi…

Coats back on.

View to Germany

Cornish Coast 2. Serene