Group: Château d'eau / Water tower

Paper mill tower


Salt and Pepper

Eaux usées en hauteur

Kindersley's stiff neck eyesight / Torticolis des…

Le grand K

Athlone tower


Village en hauteur

Angola's marathon

Watering facilities

Le Crotoy - Baie de Somme

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sugar mill "Simon Bolivar"

sugar mill "Enrique Varona Gonzáles"

Patria o Muerte

Sugar mill Jesús Menéndez - 1

Sugar mill Jesús Menéndez - 6

Silverton tank

Cockburn tank

Burra tank

Water supplies

sugar mill "Frank País" - rusty water

Daban depot

sugar mill - Jorge Prieto

Water Tower and John Hancock Center in the mist...…

a rainy day in Charleroi

time journey

Csepel water tower