Group: " Culture Touch - Kultur erleben "

Cow (Jeff Thomson), Heide


Ordnung muss sein !

Come Together! (PiP)

Federalist Flowers (Explored)

happy & proud

Focus on the Game

Ins Ungewisse

HFF to all!

Happy Fence Friday !


Doppelkreuz - Double cross

Figureheads from the past (Explored)

Panicaut maritime = Eryngium maritimum (Finistère,…

ROMA - Foro di Traiano


Eine Vieltürme-Stadt ist ... A city of many towers…

Museum glass (Explored)

a look in the world of Claude Monet

African Souvenirs

Blue Madonna (Explored)

Ton Sur Ton (pip)

Neuruppin, Altes Gymnasium

Renaissance Portal in Braunschweig - HFF!

Penkkarit (pip)

Die Kulturkirche von Neuruppin ... HBM !