Group: Perching Birds

Purple Finch 01

petite buse / broad-winged hawk

Pileated Woodpecker

Encore....profiter, du soleil

Eend in de erwtensoep

# 1 ) ~~ "Yes Mam, I see you, but I want a drink"…

Honduras, Macaw Parrot in Copan Ruinas Forest

Et vlà.... je l'ai eu...!

Sparrow Hawk drops in for lunch

HFF Sitting on the fence

Martin pecheur - common Kingfisher

Martin Pecheur - Kingfisher


Il prenait la pause...!

The family gathers for a pre-scavange conflab!

Tarier pâtre mâle - Male European Stonechat

Martin-pêcheur juvénile

Merle noir.

Petit oiseau

Proud as a Peacock at Powis

Enough Lunch For Both.