All photos with Ingo Kwiat

Mooooooooooosy Christmas! :-)
By A.Meise

Frohes Fest!
By Anke

By Dela Dust

Goodbye, my precious !
By rodocrozit

Merry Chritmas!!
By Merkisteinn

my secret
By mo |

honey , i just heard …
By mo |

snow white
By mo |

sleeping beauty
By mo |

work from Wiki Tango and bellygarden...
By bellygarden

puss in boots
By mo |

rear window
By mo |

honey , which one do you prefer …
By mo |

after he left …
By mo |

come closer
By mo |

the phone was ringing
By mo |

Nativity Façade
By Iljuschin

I can do it myself too: homage to Massimo Tomasello
By Roberto Ballerini -…