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Eiffelturm (Copyright Tour Eiffel - Illuminations Pierre Bideau)
By Doris Weißschnur

La mécanique des fluides
By Magali Asselin

{ silence ... }
By graphistolage

By Man-O-net

By Ganymede

Paris novembre 2014
By Georges Bozo

Telescope and the view..
By Dynamo

By casino

Sur le front de Seine
By Ganymede

Paris, Galeries Lafayette, coupole
By Xata

2015-07-03 Paris-Metro-Etoile web
By Bernhard Hofbeck

{ Warm up ... }
By graphistolage

La Conciergerie
By Ganymede

2015-07-15 Toits-de-Paris-VIII web
By Bernhard Hofbeck

Paris quartier Halles-Beaubourg
By Agatha Savoie

2015-04-03 Paris La-Java web
By Bernhard Hofbeck

La France renaissante
By FMW51

La Grande Arche, Paris
By Wilm

Fence Friday...
By Dynamo

{ gommette ... }
By graphistolage

collherbage for the first Happy Fence Friday 2017
By ©hristine Jurion-Meu…

The legend of Easter Sunday at Arnay-le-Duc
By Sol Lang

A World Between ~ Paris ~  MjYj
By MjYj

Pour une belle année 2011
By Agatha Savoie

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