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Buzzard on a post
By Jean

By Janine (janruss)

The blue bird
By guenievre

Barbe rousse
By guenievre

Our Friendly Pheasant
By *starless*

By guenievre

Who says I'm angry :)
By Gerda

Spotted Sandpiper
By Ron Hanko

Gray Jay
By Ron Hanko

Barn Owl
By *starless*

Special Moments
By Chrissy S

By guenievre

sono carino ?
By Nora Caracci VERY bu…

Un froid de canard...
By Gerda

Siamese Fireback Pheasant
By sasithorn_s

Un beau perchoir ...
By Ennedi

247/365: "Time is at once the most valuable and the most perishable of all our possessions." ~ John Randolph
By Janet Brien

1006_0369 Common Raven
By James R. Page

American Flamingo - Explore (Front Page)
By Kris W (Formerly kmw…

Reflected egret
By Celeste_M

Le vol du guêpier
By Ennedi

Laguna Colorado
By Diana Australis

1007_0255 Willet at dawn
By James R. Page

aras bleus (le calin)
By Arnocrash

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