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Notre nouveau chien / Our new dog: "Copine"
By Blueman

20160116 9841b
By Fantasyfan

By Karissa Anderson

Hot Dog Please (no Onion)
By Ecobird

Ok you can use flash
By Jeff Farley

Dog Watch
By Ecobird

By liwil

Duck Food Thief
By Keith Burton

'Sad Eyes!' (TSC - Black & White)
By Goffy

Sam Gets a New Bone For Xmas.....
By *starless*

By tiabunna

A cool autumn day...
By ╰☆☆June☆☆╮

da muss es doch ein durchkommen geben
By niraK68

An Afternoon Nap
By Dave Linscheid

Duck in California, 2007
By Diane Putnam

What is this?
By Stiletto

Per fortuna...
By AL_dente

20120704 1041c
By Fantasyfan

The Look
By Eva Buijs

The Sunday Challenge - Scenes That Evoke A Mood
By autofantasia

Temptation Is Everywhere ...
By autofantasia

Dogs At Car Shows ...
By autofantasia

what more do you need?
By Tanjica Perovic

Un Pitbull fait la sieste...
By Tanguy Famin

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