Iceland seen 200 years ago

Iceland, a breathtaking experience

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  • Iceland seen 200 years ago

    This map we found in a museum near the Skogafoss waterfalls.

  • Reykjavik view from the hill

  • Downtown in Reykjavik

  • A colored home in Reykjavik

  • The right off-road vehicle for Iceland tours

    Seen in Reykjavik but - sorry - it wasn't for hire.

  • In the center of Reykjavik

  • Iceland Reykjavik City center

  • Typical idyllic restaurants in Reykjavik

    During heavy weather sitting outside wasn't recommended

  • Art sculptures on the Reykjavik hill

    Beside the Perlan the Pearl, a museum on the hill top.

  • Landakotskirkja (Landakot Church)

    Landakotskirkja (Landakot Church), formally named Basilika Krists konungs (Basilica of Christ the King) in Reykjavik is the Catholic cathedral of Iceland. It is often referred to as Kristskirkja (Christ's Church).The first Catholic priests to arrive in I…

  • On the premise of the Landakot church

  • Along the highway to the Geysirs

  • A panorama view to the landscape

    near Reykholt, Laugarvatn, southern Iceland

  • Fresh water runs down from the waterfall

  • Beautiful waterfall along the highway

    near Reykholt, Laugarvatn, southern Iceland

  • Geysir before its eruption

    You will feel it in time when the eruption is coming, then better you step backwards.

  • sleeping Geysir

    This geysir doesn't erupt at that time, the water wasn't hot like on other geysirs.

  • The Geysir erupts just a few seconds

    The Geyser area in south west Iceland is also great to walk, there are many marked walking paths that that lead past steaming vents and colorful, mineral-rich mud formations and hot springs that are just as beautiful.

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