Kaw Thaung, port to check in to Burmese waters

Burma sea sites under water 2008

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  • Our tour route marked in the sea map

  • Kaw Thaung, port to check in to Burmese waters

    Kaw Thaung is included in Tanintharyi Division in the southernmost part of the Union of Myanmar.At the mouth of Parchan river there is Kawthaung Cape (formerly Victoria Point) which is in the southern most part of Myanmar.

  • Kaw Thaung or Victoria Point

    The southernmost point of Burma and our port to check in for the diving tour. We've to stay on board while Burmese authorities check our documents and deal with the (grey) visa. 300 $ US each visa, only new bills accepted. A liaison officer came on board…

  • Black Manta our cruising boat

  • Felix and myself ready for the dive

  • White fan corals in 15 meters

    Too warm water bleach the corals. A big problem at many places in the Andaman Sea.

  • Goldstrip fusilier fishes and a fan coral

    Fusilier fishes are related to the snappers, but adapted for feeding on plankton, rather than on larger prey.

  • Pterois known as lion fish

    Lionfish are known for their venomous fin rays, a feature that is uncommon among marine fish in the East Coast coral reefs. Stings from Lionfish are quite painful. The potency of their venom makes them excellent predators and dangerous to fishermen and di…

  • A swarm of yellow snappers

    About 100 species of snappers are currently recognized, divided into about 16 genera. A large number of species have "snapper" in their common name.

  • Diving along the rock fall

    Diving close to the rocks, a lot of opportunities to discover microorganism.

  • Two rocks as small pinnacle islands

    A pinnacle always is a rock island without any palms or trees. Ideal diving conditions are guaranteed.

  • Ghostly views at the cave entrance

    Poor visibility near the cave entrance but a lot of plankton means the presence of many big fish.

  • Sea urchins all over the rocks

    The name "urchin" is an old name for the round spiny hedgehogs that sea urchins resemble. We've to care not to come to close, some are shooting with their spines.

  • Soft corals in different colors

    The Alcyonacea, or the soft corals are an order of corals which do not produce calcium carbonate skeletons. Soft corals contain minute, spiny skeletal elements called sclerites, useful in species identification. This colors give the underwater world an am…

  • Getting on board after the dive

  • Yellowtail snappers

    In certain reefs, most notably in the Andaman Sea, this beautifully colored fish is commonly spotted among divers

  • Sea anemones

    Anemones tend to stay in the same spot until conditions become unsuitable (prolonged dryness, for example), or a predator attacks them. In that case anemones can release themselves from the substrate and use flexing motions to swim to a new location. Most…

  • Leopard shark

    Absolute harmless to humans, the leopard shark is caught by commercial and recreational fisheries for food and the aquarium trade. I saw plenty of this fish in Thai waters, particular Similan area. The leopard shark is most commonly found in sandy or mudd…

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