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  • 7854. Royal Hotel, St. John Hotel, N.B.

    Posted at Sackville (N.B.), July 22, 1907 to Miss L. S. McIntosh, South Nelson, N.B.: "Rec'd your letter Friday morning. Will write later. We are going to C'ham [Chatham, N.B.] Monday night and down river Tuesday. Yours lovingly, Minnie"

  • 7853. Suspension Bridge, St. John, N.B.

    Dear Allice, I got these P.C. on the way was going to wright [sic] be fore then I thought I would wait intill [sic] we got to the end as I did not know for shure [sic] when we were going no tim [sic] to say much as 12.15 mail gods now we had a good time…

  • 7851. Dufferin Hotel, King Square, St. John, N.B.

    Valentine & Sons, no. 103,247, posted at Saint John, New Brunswick on November 1, 1913, 3 PM to Mr Dwight Allen, Upper Cape, West Co., N.B.: "Hello Dwight, I thought I would send you my address. I am getting along fine. 25 Exmouth St., St. John, N.B." No…

  • 7848. Woodstock Street, North, Tavistock, Ont.

    J. E. Evans, publisher, Port Rowan, Ont. Unused card.

  • 7845. Gate Keepers Lodge, Brock Monument.

    Nicklis & Hutchison, Niagara Falls, N.Y., publishers. Unused.

  • 7844. Ruins of first Printing House in Upper Canada, Queenston, Canada.

    Nicklis & Hutchison, Niagara Falls, N.Y., publishers. Unused.

  • 7838. The Armouries, Toronto, Ont. [Wild Rose]

    Warwick Bros. & Rutter, no. 922 in the Wild Flower Series (Wild Rose). Unused.

  • 7785. Lower Gates of Locks at Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada, after great wreck of June 9th, 1909.

    Art Manufacturing Co. of Amelia, Ohio. Card 3924, showing the collapse of the gates in the Soo Locks in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. This is the fourth card that I have found in this series (click on keyword "Amelia" to see all four).

  • 7773. On Board S.S. Andania, en route Canada. 9.7.14.

    This is a great image. It was addressed to Mr. T. Hay--- [Hayden??], c/o Mr. A. Durie, Clarkson, Ontario. The woman's face in the porthole at lower left adds an excellent touch. Okay ... so we have a ship, and a date, and a (sort of) destination, so mayb…

  • 7692. Let's Get Acquainted

    This is a very interesting postcard by the McCoy company of Moncton, New Brunswick (and Boston, Mass.) It would presumably have been intended to solicit postcard "pen pals" and the "Not Married" would have suggested that the acquaintance could have added…

  • 7688. Lake Shore at Rambo Creek, Burlington, Ont.

    Posted at Burlington, Oct. 22, 1906 toMrs. Edwin Peart, Nelson, Ont. "The Homestead": "Mrs. F.'s paper comes in Dec. as it is the on "the wisest way of distributing Xmas presents in the home "family circle" + the ladies thought as the meeting will be on…

  • 7613. Herd of Buffalo, Silver Heights, Winnipeg.

    Another in Russell, Lang's "Beautiful Manitoba Series" ... postcard buyers just couldn't get enough of the Silver Heights "buffalo", it seems...

  • 7541. I.C.R. Station and King Edward Hotel, Halifax, N.S. -

    Valentine & Sons, no. 103,083, posted at Halifax, N.S. on March 23, 1912 to Miss Amy Harrison, Bodafers Villas Whitchurch Rd., Chester, England: "With love from Father".

  • 7538. Glace Bay, C. B.

    The St. Joseph's Hospital, published by C. T. McNeil. Posted 20/11/06 from Nicolet, Quebec from Graziella with a message in French on the reverse.

  • 7536. Best Wishes

    Haven't had a horseshoe before.

  • 7535. A Happy Thanksgiving Day

    A new metallic appliqué - the wishbone!

  • 7380. I Want To See The Dear Old Home Again (2).

    "Dear mother my sentiments are in this card in my dreams I can see it all home sweet home but smile smile all the while it's some trile [sic] But the Better will come and I be gowing [sic] to my dear old friends at home. Dadie to Ma."

  • 7152. Lily Lake, Rockwood Park, St. John, N. B., Canada.

    No publisher indicated. Posted at Saint John on October 25, 1906 to Miss Annie Campbell, Northport, Cumberland Co., Nova Scotia: "Dear Annie, I got to St. John at last and I am having a lovely time. They took a picture of all the people at the Convention…

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