• 3 chairs on a red carpet

    TSC: colors: only 3 colours, contrasting colours, green. Music For Airports

  • track

    TSC: Everyday Stuff In Abstract www.youtube.com/watch?v=l7MY_cdUL1E please on black

  • pins


  • Taru ja Totuus (pip)

    Taru ja Totuus TSC: Butts, Bums & Behinds

  • heaven (pip)

    TSC: lightbulb Pekka Kauhanen: Everyday Angel

  • red truck (pip)

    TSC:Trucks You can use the whole truck or parts of the truck. Have the truck (or the part or section of the truck you are using) fill the frame. EDIT: For those who wish to use the following twist for more of a challenge. :) Find a red or green truck to p…

  • playground

    TSC: Inside Out

  • cleaning the crispbread

    TSC: Take a photograph of an ordinary everyday item(s) in an out of the ordinary place. A place where you would not normally find the item. Cleaning Woman

  • water

    TSC: bottle(s) Green River

  • teddy bear mirrors himself on a bad bad day...

    TSC: Since it is so close to Halloween let's "do something creepy, scary or spooky" with the added challenge being that a mirror has to be part of the image or used to create the image. please on black www.youtube.com/watch?v=2PwLKBJJ5so

  • spilled salt

    TSC: Herbs and Spices. An old idea, but I thought it fits the theme. A European superstition holds that spilling salt is an evil omen. One widespread explanation of the belief that it is unlucky to spill salt is that Judas Iscariot spilled the salt at t…

  • flower

    TSC: begins with an F AND the twist, must be b-w and a very close up shot, go with whatever you have! please on black

  • celebration

    TSC: celebration another one in a clickable note

  • fall

    TSC: transition another one in a clicable note www.youtube.com/watch?v=gq7nDgnZhJ8

  • green (pip)

    TSC: Repeating patterns

  • peikko (pip)

    TSC: kitsch a second one in a clickable note

  • traveling (pip)

    TSC: Metal Last week I was traveling with a friend by boat on the lakes of Keitele and Konnevesi in the middle of Finland, so not much metal around, only the railing in front and back and some more small items. reflection please on black

  • apocalypse

    TSC: Inversion The End

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