• Tomatoe Fields Forever

    TSC: SURREAL light source: mobile phone

  • christmas season is starting

    TSC: various Winter Celebrations, Customs & Festivals please enlarge on black

  • kitsch shop (pip)

    TSC: anything to do with shopping or shops. I went with a friend to a big kitsch shop, something we both like :)) all the notes are clickable

  • Holy Trinity Church

    TSC: Artistic Metalwork Pyhän Kolminaisuuden kirkko - Holy Trinity Church

  • bended wheel

    TSC: wheels Road Runner

  • november

    TSC: november

  • Halloween

    TSC: Haloween They are even in shops :0

  • autumn in orange

  • bread roaster

    TSC: MACHINERY - "anything related to it" - may be old or new pieces of machinery don´t know for sure if this fits the theme, anyhow it has got moving parts :)) Bread and Butter

  • Pelargonium

    TSC: TRANSPARENT MATERIAL please enlarge on black picture taken through a special piece of glass

  • dishwasher blues

    TSC: "take an ordinary object and make it beautiful".

  • maybe.....

    TSC: money related things.

  • mask (pip)

    TSC: This week the challenge image is your choice - BUT it must be in black and white. Process or not - your choice but I would like to see the color version of your photograph as PIP. www.youtube.com/watch?v=2IaAZVN0S3w

  • Kallio Church in Helsinki (pip)

    TSC: Weather related Kallio Church

  • Human Net

    TSC: Something That Bends Taiteiden Yö/Night of the Arts peaks with the Spanish collective La Fura dels Baus "Human Net", consisting of over 40 people from Helsinki. The work is created by the flowing movement of people forming different shapes while ha…

  • leaf it

    TSC: contrast

  • Johan Ludvig Runeberg

    TSC: Depicting someone famous or historic. I decided to take some pictures of statues of famous persons in Finland. The seagull doesn't seem to understand the importance of Johan Ludvig Runeberg ;) Johan Ludvig Runeberg; (5 February 1804 – 6 May 1877)…

  • Helsinki Cathedral

    TSC: Your home town. Something about where you live or work. A house, a building a community event, a tree. please enlarge on black

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