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  • graffiti

    SSC: mutlticolor. Because this week I uploaded only pictures of graffites, I decided to do for the multicolor theme also graffites and went to a place where people are very often creating them. They are changing very fast and some of them are really good…

  • Happy Fence Friday

    HFF and a great weekend!

  • Hell?

    a graffiti made with a template

  • the scream

    Sometimes I like to photograph these very small graffiiti on paper or maybe some kind of advertisement, this one is about 10 cm high. It might refer to Semos of the movie "Planet of the Apes" please enlarge on black

  • playground

    TSC: Inside Out

  • tristesse

  • cleaning the crispbread

    TSC: Take a photograph of an ordinary everyday item(s) in an out of the ordinary place. A place where you would not normally find the item. Cleaning Woman

  • hear... (pip)

    SSC: unfocused abstract photography please on black Sliding Life Blues

  • listen.. (pip)

  • polder

    HFF folks and a great weekend! please on black Lethe

  • traveling

    Travellin' Man Blues

  • water

    TSC: bottle(s) Green River

  • Loving Vincent

    SSC: eyes A bit late, but yesterday my internet was not working

  • last snow and haloween (pip)

  • last snow and haloween 2

  • teddy bear mirrors himself on a bad bad day...

    TSC: Since it is so close to Halloween let's "do something creepy, scary or spooky" with the added challenge being that a mirror has to be part of the image or used to create the image. please on black www.youtube.com/watch?v=2PwLKBJJ5so

  • only the sky is the limit

    SSC: autumn/northern hemisphere, spring/southern hemisphere. Use text on the image to create a lovely card for the group! In a way this was the last autumn day, next night it started to snow......

  • Happy Fence Friday

    A colorful HFF!

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