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  • Creosote Bush

    Desert Climates mean hot days and cold nights, so the only time to camp in Death Valley without freezing through the night is in the summer! We stayed at Wildrose Campground just because it is easy to reach and free (the payment system used out there does…

  • The View

  • All that you have is your soul

    By Baby

  • Your Blue Room

    By Baby

  • At first it's just the wind that gets a bit cooler ...

    Zuerst ist es nur der Wind,der ein bisschen kühler wird...

  • Long Time Sun

    May the longtime sun shine upon you All love surround you And the pure, pure light that's within you Guide your way home YouTube: Long Time Sun - Snatam Kaur
    By Baby

  • Why worry

    There should be laughter after pain There should be sunshine after rain These things have always been the same So why worry now Why worry now.. YouTube: Dire Straits-Why Worry
    By Baby

  • Running to Stand Still

    By Baby

  • Haja O Que Houver

    YouTube: Madredeus - Haja O Que Houver
    By Baby

  • Stop picture theft

    with PiP Arrêtez le vol de photos et le marketing non autorisé, car cela aura de graves conséquences. Detener el robo de imágenes y la comercialización no autorizada, ya que tendrá graves consecuencias. Stop de beelddiefstal en de ongeoorloofde marke…

  • bewahre das blau !

  • Luftsprung

  • ../...

  • Macro Mondays 2.0.

    By Anji.

  • Petite danseuse.

    By Ch'an

  • Asphalte.

    By Ch'an

  • Asphalte..

    By Ch'an

  • that far away lonesome sound picture you so pretty now I know what I'm for when my sweetness is there the crack of light on the door leaves nothing to compare I'm not fighting any more
    By Baby

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