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Goldfinch on Teasel

Looking behind

Clean cut

22 Aug 2021 11
A section of baluster between ralings on a bike / pedestrian bridge was very neatly cut out for no apparent reason.

Young green heron

Young green heron on a dying tree

An eye through the leaves

Blue, yellow, and green

19 Aug 2021 13 3 79
Primary colors, nature, action will be my contribution to the World Photography Day group for 2021.

Turtle and egret share a log

Another hot day

Greater Yellowlegs

Muskrats on a log

Great Blue Heron with catfish

Kestrel waiting

Four young turtles

A tiny part of Glenwood looks nice

23 Jul 2021 10
Glenwood, Lane County, Oregon.

Bumblebee on wildflowers

Waxwings on the bridge

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