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  • Physical & Alternate (small)

  • Physical & Alternate

    Various Outtakes are knocking around from the recording of THE seminal Zeppelin Album (IMHO). This is the cover of some of those Physical Graffiti rehearsal sessions (11 tracks in all) on a CD I acquired from a long gone Music Store on Temple Bar Square i…

  • The Wonder of it all

    Three women at The Cliffs of Moher

  • Sentient Silhouettes

    At The Cliffs of Moher, Liscannor, County Clare

  • firestarter

    Marrakech, Morocco.

  • Koutoubia Kamouflage Kat Karma Karess

    Marrakech has a large feral cat population. Life for them is I suspect short, & often brutal. Some get lucky, like this guy soaking up the afternoon sun (& some momentary human affection) at The Koutoubia Mosque. Alternate Title- Purrfect Moment

  • crippled by culture

    Marrakech, Morocco. Egyptian-born columnist and lecturer on Arab and Muslim issues Mona Eltahawy argues in favour of the proposed French ban on the burka in public... As a Muslim woman and as a feminist I support banning the face veil, everywhere and no…

  • Sky Sailors

    Storks nesting on the Koutoubia Mosque's Minaret in Marrakech, Morocco. Everyone in the group I was in spent their time shooting the (to me) repetitive & boring (though admittedly intricate & sometimes beautiful) symmetrical tiles & mosaics & architectura…

  • Village Vanguard

    Scene seen while driving through the Atlas Mountains, Morocco.

  • Big Sister

    Taken through the front window of a moving 4X4, hence the unfortunate light artifact as I had no polarising lens to hand when I shot this candid composition. I still liked it, the artifact lends it a certain ersatz 1950's Bresson-like authenticity peut êt…

  • It's good to talk

    Even from a long way off through my long lens it seemed to this observer like a sister defying the will of an older brother. I felt no real fear from her body language, like a sister telling a domineering elder brother where to get off. Whenever she spoke…

  • woman on the edge in marrakech

    Not really on the edge at all but in the forefront of Morocco's future I hope... This photo was taken on March 12, 2010 using a Canon EOS 7D.

  • Gothic Gaze

    Taken at a recent Offshoot Photography Society location model shoot at Wicklow Gaol, Ireland, March the 5th 2010. Thirteen of us were literally locked into this historic old prison for three hours with three models & our imaginations. We were told we had…

  • Isolation

    The incredible impression of sadness in her amazingly expressive eyes which Matylda was able to reproduce on demand was striking. In an instant they really did seem to literally echo the unknown & unseen sadness that permeated the Gaol's walls from the pa…

  • Skin like Alabaster

    One of the first shots I took at our recent night time shoot under studio lights at Wicklow Gaol. I had the ISO set to Auto from previous night work in a field with the Moon, but in the dimness I forgot or didn't notice, or both. A shame, as it's very noi…

  • Glacial Beauty

    Well, we WERE in a genuine old dungeon at the time, & it was really chilly, you can literally see her goosebumps! Matylda was an incredible model, I knew her for all of two minutes when I took this shot. With an absolute minimum of direction she just exud…

  • Knowing Me Knowing You

    Rachael & Matylda... Recent Offshoot Photography Society session at Wicklow Gaol, Ireland on March the 5th 2010. I'll hopefully revisit these in RAW with PhotoShop sometime soonish & dodge all those lovely eyes so as to do them the justice they desrve...

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