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Inspired Shoes and 300 Spartan Warriors

Inspired Shoes and 300 Spartan Warriors
Lately I have been wondering if my work is making a difference in the world. I seek out beauty and truth. Of course I can only follow my own aesthetic, which is subjective. Truth is absolute. I believe that there is only the one. Unfortunately, it is subject to interpretation. As I saw within 3 minutes of the Republican debate in the race for party leadership, truth is quite illusive to men (and women) seeking power. This was the most pathetic group of uninspired and uninspiring individuals I have ever seen vying for this position. Not one ounce of charisma among them.

I am not an American and I know very little about the details and facts pertaining to American politics, but I am a fairly good judge of character and I found not one of these men gave me a sense of strength of character. They were unsure about what they were saying. If I were a voter I would have a tough time. Unfortunately I had not seen the Democratic debate at all, so I cannot address it.

The part I saw was when they were responding to the question about believing in the word of the Bible. It was so obvious to me that they were saying what would get them votes rather than saying what they really believe. Not a true conviction among them.

I finally saw the movie “300”. Violence in abundance, but visually it was quite delightful. The story too, although quite simple, was interesting with some human values in heroism. The age old conflict between nations. Two (or more) camps of humans, each believing to be superior. Each trying to annihilate the other for the good of humanity. Kind of where we are today. Nothing changed in 3,000 (?) years. We humans are still trying to destroy each other. Nation against nation. It is the true definition of obscenity. And me, I am NIPSA’d by Flickr. What a sad joke!

Isabella, with her super shoes, to the rescue. She looks quite proud to be wearing them. They are sexy. Can anyone really stand safely on such heels? Maybe that is why we see her sitting here. But no, really, she stands and walks with them quite well. It’s like I am describing a doll. She also speaks and moves. But here she sits and is looking quite lovely. When she poses for the camera, I sense a story going through her mind. She must be thinking of something that has made her feel emotion, desire, passion. Shoes?

See a short video of part of this shooting session.

And, of course, the large version.

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 Anima Fotografie
Anima Fotografie
Stunning model caught by your lens there.

I've watched "300" oh, about 10 times so far...yes trhe fight against "Tyranny & Mysticism" nevers ends it seems...
16 years ago.
...give it to me baby!
16 years ago.
I love the text ... which text you ask ... all of them I say.
16 years ago.
Re-visiting. I look through your inspiring work, I read the accompanying writing. You have truly beautiful texts to share - to show us wonder through your eyes and mind. I feel the beauty in this recorded moment ... remarkable ... everything so perfect.
16 years ago.
Léopold club
Belles chaussures dans sa belle nudité la jolie Dame !
10 years ago.
Bergfex club
Das Model ist mir zu mager, aber man soll ja die Fotografie bewerten.
Deshalb ein Sternchen.
4 years ago.

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