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I See Your Future.. You Don't Have Long

Do me wrong, I may forgive you. Do me wrong a second time, I will scatter your remains to the dogs

Testimony of Catherine Ainsworth

There are perfect reasons to fear the night. It is not so irrational as you would teach your children. For I, as a child also feared the setting sun and the unseen forces which followed. I had seen the corpses of many. drained of their lifeblood. The terror still on their faces. Widowed and without child in the year 1803, I, Catherine Ainsworth, also faced my own death. But I welcomed it. I embraced my end as the reunion of an old and dear friend. Yet the one who was to kill me gave me a new birth. I dwell…

Lucy Westenra

"...Then, too, Lucy,although she is so well, has lately taken to her old habit of walking in her sleep. Her mother has spoken to me about it, and we have decided that I am to lock the door of our room every night Mrs. Westenra has got an idea that sleep-walkers always go out on roofs of houses and along the edges of cliffs and then get suddenly wakened and fall over with a despairing cry that echoes all over the place". Mina Murray's Journal 26th July. Extract from Dracula by Bram Stoker published 1897

IT Fandom Goes Too Far



One True Certainty

Do not underestimate me. I will make you fail just as soon as I give you success. I will make you sick when all is good in your life. I will corrupt your mind and drive you to madness. I am the eternal truth. Lifes one certainty. I am Death
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