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Canndescent Grow Room

30 Sep 2016 562
Canndescent Grow Room

Tricycle Lighting

14 Sep 2016 675
This video is about Tricycle Lighting

Expo Line Train Arriving (0845)

Bequinox Robot

Palm Springs Village Fest (2615)

Palm Springs Village Fest (2575)

LAPL Elevator

18 Jan 2016 398
The walls of the elevators are decorated with cards from the old card catalog. They even put them in the elevator shaft, which you can see through the glass in the elevator wall.

Birdlike flight attempts

Naked Pub Crawl & Donna Summer

Billion Bunny March


Whiteout in reverse

Burner Buddies before the burn

Lake Fire Timelapse

Shooting a pano at Crown Prince Lookout

27 Nov 2014 541
Click here to see the panorama.

Silkscreening T-Shirts

Eagle Mountain Mine

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